Activities of german alpine society in Liberec region in 1893-1938

Oto Louka, Pavlína Chaloupská


The activities of German societies in mountain climbing and tourism at the brink of 20th century contributed to the developement of mountain climbing and tourism in Czech lands. In our article we focused on the activities of Deutscher Alpenverein Reichenber, as the largest society in Liberec area devoted to mountain climbing and tourism. Based on the research of primary sources and references in that time and contemporary literature, we made a coherent survey of the activities of this society. The years choice 1893 – 1938 was made on purpose, because during that time the society existed in our lands. In first part we deal with DAV Reichenberg developement from its foundation till the outbreak of WW2 when it was incorporated into Reich organization. The other parts depict mainly the society´s activities. Firstly, its members made some remarkable sport performances in the Alps and sandstone climbing areas. Those not so skilled devoted themselves to hiking and high mountain tourism. Their bigges merit was building of their own mountain cottage in the Dolomites before WW1. The activitiy of DAV Liberec is a model example of Alpine societies´ activities in Czech lands.


APA Citation

Louka, O., & Chaloupská, P. (2012). Activities of german alpine society in Liberec region in 1893-1938. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 6(1), 67–84.

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Date: April 1, 2012