Adventure racing and teamwork

Ondřej Šavrňák, Michal Frainšic, Ludmila Fialová


Article discusses a rapidly developing sport discipline Adventure racing. Main goal is to make readers familiarize with this theme. There are mentioned basic concepts and characteristics in the first chapter. Further it deals with the birth, the history and the present of competitions abroad and in the Czech Republic. The main theme of the article is teamwork, which is a key aspect of the success not only in Adventure racing, but in many other spheres of our lives. This work likewise pays attention to differences between terms “team” and “group”. Described parts of teamwork are communication, motivation, team leading and feedback. There is analyzed a presence of female in the article, because woman has to be one of team members. Last chapter task is to present basic characteristics of a successful team.


APA Citation

Šavrňák, O., Frainšic, M., & Fialová, L. (2012). Adventure racing and teamwork. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 6(1), 54–66.

Additional Information

Date: April 1, 2012