Crucial factors influencing hikers decision of choosing a hiking trail

Michaela Antoušková, Jana Mikulec


Hiking trail research focuses mainly on environmental impacts caused by their usage. However only a few studies analyze consumers (hikers) who cause those impacts. The article aims to fill the gap in hiking trail research by determining the crucial factors influencing hikers´ decision to choose a concrete hiking trail. The research was conducted in landscape protected areas in the Czech Republic. To reveal the key factor influencing hikers´ decision the logistic regression is used. Among studied factors belong gender, age, profession, the highest obtained education and the reason for being in the landscape protected area. According to the main reasons for choosing the concrete hiking trail six models of logistic regression are tested and analyzed. The analyses reveal for example that men tent more than women to choose hiking trail according to landscape appearance, its surrounding by forest, its location and availability. On contrary, women tent more than men to choose the trail according to concrete objects. Results of the research will serve for landscape protected areas management as the bases for hiking trail development and management.


APA Citation

Antoušková, M., & Mikulec, J. (2012). Crucial factors influencing hikers decision of choosing a hiking trail. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 6(2), 5–25.

Additional Information

Date: October 1, 2012