Current Trends and Development of Cross-country Skiing Technique

Martin Nosek


Introduction: Cross-country skiing performance is affected by many factors. To reach the best performance, and ensure further performance progress, it is necessary to pay full attention to each determinant. The cross-country skiing technique is one of the most important ones. Aim of the Study: The study aims to describe the changes in the competitive crosscountry skiing technique in the past ten years. Material and Methods: The theoretical methods, such as descriptive and comparative methods, were used to evaluate the development of the individual cross-country skiing technique. The available articles from PubMed and ResearchGate databases from the past eight years (2010-2019) were used for evaluation. Results: The result of the study is a kinematic evaluation of innovative changes in the technical design of classical technology and skating. Conclusion: Two cross-country skiing techniques were improved during those eight years – double poling and V2 skate technique.


APA Citation

Nosek, M. (2019). Current Trends and Development of Cross-country Skiing Technique. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 13(2), 21–32.

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Date: October 1, 2019