Czech research in outdoor experiential education

J. Neuman, I. Turčová, A. J. Martin


Over the past decade there has been limited publication in journals in the outdoor experiential education field of non-English-language perspectives (Thomas, Allison, & Potter, 2009), although there has been acknowledgement of non-English-language outdoor terminology (Turčová, Martin, & Neuman, 2005). The indigenous nature of the Czech turistika activities (Martin, Turčová, & Neuman, 2007) and the dramaturgy methods of creative course design have also attracted recent attention (Kudláček, Bocarro, Jirásek & Hanuš, 2009; Martin, Franc & Zouncová, 2004). This paper provides an overview of Czech outdoor research over the past decade. The findings indicated that there is a need for more collaborative cross cultural (language) outdoor research to provide greater understanding of these context specific differences and theoretical perspectives.


APA Citation

Neuman, J., Turčová, I., & Martin, A. J. (2013). Czech research in outdoor experiential education. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 7(1 Suppl.), 74–78.

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Date: June 1, 2013