Genetic predisposition and its effect on performance in outdoor activities

Iva Balkó, Štefan Balkó, Lenka Černá, Jan Hnízdil


Presented article is focused on the possibilities of genetic predispositions affecting sport performance and its use in selecting of talents for specific sports. Attention is paid to the specific genes which are involved in the level of speed-strength or endurance abilities applied in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, canoeing etc. Genetic motion preconditions are in the article represented by presence of polymorphisms R577X ACTN3 gene, I / D ACE gene and C / G gene PPARα. ACTN3 gene and its R allele was the only one associated merely with speed-strength preconditions. At PPARα and ACE gene was found assumption, according to present allele, for connection to both speed-strength and the endurance abilities. The main contributor to exert influence of gene is the presence of alleles found in the aforementioned genes.


APA Citation

Balkó, I., Balkó, Š., Černá, L., & Hnízdil, J. (2014). Genetic predisposition and its effect on performance in outdoor activities. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 8(1), 34–40.

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Date: April 1, 2014