Health benefits of sea kayaking

Martina Chrástková, Bronislav Kračmar, Petr Novotný


Vertebrogennic troubles of most of the population might be possibly solved by outdoor activities. Indeed, not all of them are appropriate. We name for example running, which by overweight as a limit strain ligament and joint apparatus. In this time, favourite form of outdoor activities on water is sea kayaking. It appeals to 375 million years old motional program of locomotion, realised through the shoulder girdle, which can by concatenation of muscle functions primarily stabilize the area of lumbar spine and in these days, partly eliminate fluently discussed insufficiency of the deep stabilization system. Sea kayaking as the archetypal outdoor activity helps to remove difficulties in the lumbar lordosis area, which we can characterize as „locus resistentiae minoris“ vertebrogenic difficulties. This condition is caused by verticalizing as a very young evolution event.


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Chrástková, M., Kračmar, B., & Novotný, P. (2016). Health benefits of sea kayaking. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 10(1).

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Date: April 1, 2016