Indoor skydiving as a source of psychological stress of beginners

Jaroslav Dvorský, Andrea Levitová


Skydiving no longer belongs among activities for individuals with a special training and a specific mission. It is mostly a summer activity with a strong emotional charge and rightly meets all the criteria of leisure time activities for the public. Gone are the days when the candidate had to undergo a long and difficult preparation before their first jump. Along with the gradual transformation of sport parachuting appeared indoor skydiving. The article deals with the immediate feelings of subjects who had no previous experience with indoor skydiving. The effort to stabilize the body in an air stream brings an interesting psychological relations, mainly resulting from an unusual environment and an unknown way of moving.


APA Citation

Dvorský, J., & Levitová, A. (2013). Indoor skydiving as a source of psychological stress of beginners. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 7(2), 20–25.

Additional Information

Date: October 1, 2013