Leisure time physical activity in secondary school population´s lifestyle

Tatiana Nevolná


One of the important factors of a healthy lifestyle is a physical activity. The author of the contribution deals with the issue of a physical activity as a primary means for the creation of a healthy lifestyle. The author emphasizes the possibilities of spending free time by means of participating in leisure and recreational physical education in the frame of secondary schools which the students of the secondary schools have a possibility to attend thus forming and enriching their present lifestyle. In this respect the schools and educational facilities play a very important role. These facilities implement a great number of different outdoor activities. Organizing various physical activities in a suitable natural environment seems to be one of the effective incentives for students to perform physical activities. The influence of the natural environment as well as outdoors physical activities belong to one of the most important factors in regard to a positive impact on the organism of the youth. Similarly state the authors Görner, Starší (2001); Michal (2010); Pávková (2008) and others. Šimonek (2010); Kalinková (2011); Michal, Nevolná (2012); Nevolná (2014) claim on the basis of their research that hiking belongs to the most favourite physical activities in the young population within the frame of the leisure time PE. The results show differences in the participation in the recreational PE related to the gender for the benefit of boys. In compliance with our results we claim that there is a statistically significant dependence of the participation in LRPE and self evaluation of the respondents´ lifestyles. The level of significance is 0.001.


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Nevolná, T. (2014). Leisure time physical activity in secondary school population´s lifestyle. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 8(1), 14–19.

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Date: April 1, 2014