Level of water rescue skills of university students

Ladislav Kručanica, Karol Görner


The aim of this papers je to evaluate the rescue skills of the students of the University of Security management adopted during swimming classes in winter semester of the academic year 2015/16. The School focuses on increasing security in different areas. Since Slovakia still has the large number of drowning, it is important to us, that our students are educated in this area as well. 54 students were performing single phases of rescues skills. To evaluate the rescue skills of our student we used observation. In the final evaluation of females, we can state that on average they partially succeeded in performing the rescue skills and so did males, however we found a statistically significant difference (p is smaller than 0,05) between genders, since swimming skills of males were better. We suggest max 12 students in one class. On top of that we suggest the cooperation of the university with local Water rescue educational centres.


APA Citation

Kručanica, L., & Gorner, K. (2016). Level of water rescue skills of university students. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 10(1), 6–11.

Additional Information

Date: April 1, 2016