Mountain bike races – outdoor activity, or just a competition?

Bohumír Machovec


This article deals with perception of endurance mountain bike races through the optic of some selected competitors. The key question is to search for a better understanding what these races mean for the competitors´ approach to a mountain bike ride in common and what can be their primary motivation. The author of this article has got an active experience with this kind of races. That is why he decided to prefer a qualitative form of the research which enables to go deeper to the eidos of the investigated problem. The first part of the article brings some theoretical analysis of the background and main principles from which possible approaches of the respondents can come. Then there is a description of the methods and some methodological characteristics explained. The research is based on semi-structured interviews within the selected group of respondents (participants of a chosen MTB race). Some reduction of the results was necessary in order to interpret them in relation to the focus of the article. The author does not argue any general conclusions about the motivation. However, the investigation brings some interesting outputs on the level of qualitative research.


APA Citation

Machovec, B. (2014). Mountain bike races – outdoor activity, or just a competition? Journal of Outdoor Activities, 8(2), 28–34.

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Date: October 1, 2014