Orienteering in Lockdown Condition – Tools for Training Support

Lenka Vojtíková, Jan Hnízdil, Josef Heidler, Martin Škopek


Introduction: The current times are influenced globally by the application of anti-epidemic measures to combat COVID-19. These are applied to varying degrees or an extent, but the common denominator is the frequent impossibility of running mass sports events. Sport or physical activities are thus suppressed, which is reflected in a decrease in physical activity and, therefore the condition of the population (Eurostat, 2020). Furthermore, the adverse effects of hypokinesis on an individual’s health are documented in detail in the literature and generally accepted as a fact (Araújo, & Mesquita 2019; Vedukhina, Lobygina, & Sharapova, 2016). Aim of study: This study aims to summarize and compare available applications that allow individuals to undergo physical activity based on the content of the sports industry, which is orienteering, while respecting the limitations of pandemic restrictions aimed mainly at preventing the gathering of more people. Methods and Materials: Theoretical methods were used, especially the descriptive and comparative methods. Many foreign sources and manuals related to individual applications were analyzed. User evaluation of these applications on web platforms was also taken into account. The described applications were assessed within an expert panel who assessed and evaluated the individual platforms within a uniform methodology. Pairwise comparison was used as a research technique. Results: The result is a summarizing and comparative overview of individual applications, enabling the implementation of an activity based on the principle of orienteering through digital technologies and respecting the limits that come with anti-pandemic restrictions, especially at the level of potential contact in gathering multiple people. The iOrienteering platform is evaluated as the most practical application; the MOBO application is the opposite end of the assessment scale. Conclusion: The iOrienteering and O-range applications were evaluated as the most beneficial according to the specified criteria. The applications under consideration are suitable for use under the current movement-restricting regime resulting from pandemic restrictions.


APA Citation

Vojtíková, L., Hnízdil, J., Heidler, J., & Škopek, M. (2021). Orienteering in Lockdown Condition – Tools for Training Support. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 15 (1–2), 27–36. https://doi.org/10.21062/joa.2022.011

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Date: October 1, 2021