Outdoor activities and the czech tourism

Pavel Korvas, Hana Lepková, Veronika Korvasová


The explorative study was accomplished to understand the work of tour operators in the Czech Republic better. The focus of our research was to evaluate the number of tour operators which offer the products of sports tourism. We have tried to find the share of sports tourism on this market and what kinds of outdoor activities and sports were offered most. The internet survey has been carried out and we processed 884 tour operators. The products with the sports and outdoor or physical activities were offered by 47.7 % tour operators and this form of tourism was on the third place among all the forms. The sport trip offers were relatively rich in variety of sports, from very demanding outdoor sports in mountain areas to the easy activities which are parts of tour programmes as bowling, walking, billiards, swimming etc. The most subjects organized alpine ski tours (64.7 %). Hiking and mountain hiking (30.3 %) placed second. The relatively popular activity in our country – cycling tours were found in the catalogue of 19.8 % tour operators. We found that the offer of the most tour operators in the Czech Republic were traditional.


APA Citation

Korvas, P., Lepková, H., & Korvasová, V. (2015). Outdoor activities and the czech tourism. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 9(2), 31–37.

Additional Information

Date: October 1, 2015