Outdoor vs. indoor – use of sports areas in the Czech republic

Libor Flemr


The article deals with preferred sports environment for sports Czech population – from children to seniors. It is focused especially on the parameter of outdoor and indoor environment. The differences in the use of sports areas are noticeable according to the age, gender, season, weather, location, especially among children cycle of the school year (holidays) weekdays, weekends and others. The study points to the issue of multifactor sporting activities of the general population and thus the use of the sports environment. First part of the study is based on the survey already implemented surveys on the Czech environment, so it is an analysis and analysis of secondary data. Second part concerns 50 focus groups with students (N=948) of Elementary Schools and Grammar Schools in years 2015 and 2016. Generally, there were Prague schools, eventually central Bohemian schools. The results from focus groups showed preferences of indoor activitiesamongchildren and youth. Physical passivity was also mentioned, but very fashionable eSports. It does not appear that it would „only“ significantly improved conditions for sports – indoor and outdoor – were significantly higher and regular warranty of sports activities for children and youth.


APA Citation

Flemr, L. (2016). Outdoor vs. indoor – use of sports areas in the Czech republic. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 10(2), 30–38.

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Date: October 1, 2016