Project of outdoor program for peschool and primary school age children

Martin Jílek, Dita Culková, Roman Šinkovský


This paper describes a project of an outdoor education program for preschool and early school age children, including its verification in practice. The project was tested in both day and night version with a total of 34 children aged 3-10 years. For the verification of the project in practice, we used the method of preparation of the game in combination with the direct observation and the pen and paper group interview. The interview was conducted with parents and the key areas were: the intensity of individual tasks in relation to age, improper or dangerous parts of the game, the attractiveness of the game, the impact on relationships among children and overall social development of the child, the influence on the relationship to the outdoors and the general approprietness of the educational methods. The responses of children and parents are the proof that these methods work and should be used to a greater extent. For research in this area it is necessary to apply outdoor experiential-educational methods more frequently, systematically and on a long-term basis and to identify appropriate research methods.


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Jílek, M., Culková, D., & Šinkovský, R. (2012). Project of outdoor program for peschool and primary school age children. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 6(2), 89–104.

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Date: October 1, 2012