Selected anthropometric parameters of climbers

Jan Došla, Jan Meško


This article is concerned with selected anthropometric parameters of climbers. Within the framework of our study, we assessed 46 participants who were divided into three categories- competitive climbers, recreational climbers and non-climbers. These categories were compared among themselves. We measured height, weight, body fat percentage and particular somatotype components (endomorphic, mesomorphic, ectomorphic). Statistically significant difference was detected at the body fat percentage (p= 0.037) between the competitive climbers and the non-climbers. Average somatotype of the competitive climbers was 2.03-4.87-2.98 which corresponds to the ectomorphic mesomorphy. This group differs from the rest especially by the value of the endomorphic component. Average somatotype of the recreational climbers was 2.67-4.82-2.82 and the non-climbers reached 2.95-5.11-2.56.


APA Citation

Došla, J., & Meško, J. (2015). Selected anthropometric parameters of climbers. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 9(2), 6–12.

Additional Information

Date: April 1, 2015