The influence of the organic nitric oxide precursor for the changing of human performance

Petr O. Novotný, Martina Chrástková, Pavel Novotný


The issue of increasing human performance with a special diet for athletes is discussed often nowadays. This case study is concerned with the effects of 100 % organic precursor of nitric oxide (NO) on performance, without the risks of synthetics supplements. The organic precursor NO is an extract from the plant Morinda citrifolia (Noni). Empirical data about experiences with the organic precursor NO were collected over one year. The respondents are professional athletes who represent different sports: cycling, fitness, mountain-climbing, quadrathlon, rock-climbing, running, speed canoeing, swimming, triathlon, xc-skiing etc. The respondents confirmed that the supplementation of the organic NO precursor had an influence on aerobic and anaerobic human performance and also on regeneration. Moreover, in their opinion, the level of concentration was higher during maximum intensity. Due to athletes‘s feedback, the case study was completed in the human performance lab like pre-test and post-test. Lab results correspond with the empirical survey findings. There was an improvement of the maximum performance of about 40 s (7:20 s; 8:00 s), and the heart rate max was about 3 beats per 1 minute higher (184; 187) in the post-test. The improvement of breathing economy was measured in post-test too: the breathing frequency decreased from 73 to 70 per minute and the equivalent for oxygen decreased from 116.6 to 96.4. The significant contrast was registered by the value of lactate (LA) in the blood after maximum performance: in the 3rd minute after finishing the pre-test the value of LA was 12.6 mmol*L-1 and after post-test it was 14.2 mmol*L-1. 15 minutes after the pre-test was finished, the value of LA was 11.3 mmol*L-1 but during the post-test the value was only 9.6 mmol*L-1. The decrease was 10.3 % during pre-test and 32.4 % during post-test. The results put forward indicate that the organic NO precursor from the Morinda citrifolia plant could help to improve human performance and also shorten recovery time and improve the quality of regeneration. The NO precursor is a non-doping supplement.


APA Citation

Novotný, P. O., Chrástková, M., & Novotný, P. (2015). The influence of the organic nitric oxide precursor for the changing of human performance. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 9(2), 6–12.

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Date: October 1, 2015