The using of modern technologies in orienteering

Michal Frainšic, Petr Špicar, Ludmila Fialová


The article deals with introduction and contribution of modern technologies used in a sport branch of orienteering sports in comparison with the past when these technologies were not used. Modern technologies contributed to expansion of orienteering sports. They made this branch of sport more attractive for both – competitors and spectators. Facilities like SPORTident, Trac-Trac, Emit and Racom transfered on-line results from race to competitors and spectators, who are in the race center. Thanks to those facilities spectators can also watch the race on-line on TV or on the Internet. Program OCAD made the preparation of orienteering maps and tracks faster and more effective. Modern technologies also speeded up the process of race preparation.


APA Citation

Frainšic, M., Špicar, P., & Fialová, L. (2013). The using of modern technologies in orienteering. Journal of Outdoor Activities, 7(2), 34–41.

Additional Information

Date: October 1, 2013