Author Guidelines

General Guidelines

The editorial board accepts English articles (American or British English is allowed), which correspond to the professional profile of the magazine. All received papers are peer-reviewed while maintaining anonymous two-sided approach. Articles that do not meet author guidelines can be returned to the authors before the review process even begins.

JOA accepts these types of articles:

  • Research papers (original researchers, short reports, case studies)
  • Theoretical papers (reviews)

Articles accepted in the review process must be the original work of the author and may not be published earlier or not be in the review process of another journal. Each contribution must meet certain content and formal requirements (see General Information).

Manuscript Submission

The relationship between authors and editors

The published work becomes the property of the magazine and re-printing of its part, exceeding the scope of the abstract or using a figure in another publication, can only be done with the consent of the publisher. The manuscript is archived in the editorial office; it is returned to the author only if it is rejected or at the special request of the author

Review and manuscript editing

General Information

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